The Ultimate Modern Italian Design

When you walk into a Tredi Interiors-Designed room

You Feel the Difference,

See the Difference,

Enjoy the Difference.

Because our Modern Italian Design brings not only

The Quality

The Trend

The Unique Experience

But Mostly A Truly Artistic

One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece To Re-Invent Every Area of Your Home

We Design with Your Choice of



Look and Feel






In almost Every Imaginable Combination

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Tredi Interiors is a distinguished name in the realm of modern Italian design,

particularly celebrated for its exquisite kitchens and furniture. With a foundation laid in 1969 by the Demichelis brothers in Italy, the company has since expanded its reach, opening showrooms in prominent locations such as Palm Springs, Silicon Valley, and internationally. Tredi Interiors stands out for its commitment to contemporary design, offering a wide array of sophisticated kitchen solutions as the official distributor of ARRITAL Kitchens in Arizona and California. The brand is synonymous with innovation, elegance, and a deep understanding of modern lifestyles, ensuring that each piece of furniture or kitchen design not only meets the aesthetic demands of the times but also enhances functionality and comfort in living spaces.

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