Tredi Interiors Team

The Experts in Italian Modern Design

Modern Italian Interior Design & Remodeling

At the mention of Italian design, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Modern, Luxury, Avant-garde.

With a well-established design history going back centuries, it would be fair to say that the Italian aesthetic has become a mainstay of modern design.

You love Contemporary Interior Design !

Whether you need to furnish your entire home or just redecorate a room, Tredi Interiors offers professional design services to assist you. Our experienced interior designers have the expertise, resources and creativity to guide you through the process of space planning, color coordination, fabric and furnishing selection for your home.

Let us transform your home into a cosy and sophisticated living space 

Palm Springs  and Silicon Valley based Tredi Interiors specializes in Modern Italian design consultation and project management for upscale residential remodeling and renovation

Exceptional level of service and expertise to provide the best design experience for our clients from concept to completion.

Visit our  Palm Springs Furniture and Design showroom, Tredi Interiors, and make your house a Home

A Team of Highly Trained French and Italian Designers

to Make your Dreams Happen

Working closely with the clients on every step of the process, from inception through installation

Tredi Interiors brings a unique experience and approach to the design work : Harmony, Style,  Theories of color and Balance into designing spaces

CEO - Design Manager

Olivier Renault

From the French Riviera is a gifted, artistic visioner in home design. Well known for his construction projects in the south of France.

He has established himself with a successful and trendy, interior design store in Los Gatos in 2015 which was complimented with an INTERIOR DESIGN division bringing an esteemed skillset and diverse background to Modern Interior Design.

 As well, coming from the French Riviera, he is specialized in Italian modern design, working in partnership with MOBILI TREDI in Italy and on the French Riviera for 15 years, the kitchen business started easely with the expertise of MOBILI TREDI

 In 2017, in partnership with Luciano Dimechelis CEO of MOBILI TREDI, they decided to open a US division of MOBILI TREDI : TREDI INTERIORS LLC and then opened a new showroom for kitchens and bathroom in Los Gatos that was followed by a new one in Palm Springs at the end of 2018 - in 2022 , a new showroom opened in Santa Clara 



Interior Designers

Nathalie Jacquet

Studied at the famous Art School "Les Beaux Arts"(Paris) . The two sisters have an amazing taste and a real expertise in interior design - They provide a state of art services and advices

Manager Silicon Valley Showroom

Elisabetta Gargano

Elisabetta has been fascinated with design throughout her life. She completely remodeled every house she lived in (you can ask to her husband!)

She brought her Italian taste and design passion to California few years ago, when she moved from Italy with the family. She knew how important was to feel at home in their new country, so she bought a new house and immediately remodeled it!

Elisabetta provides customer service with a personal touch – her Italian accent reflects both her roots and passion for modern architecture and clean lines.

Elisabetta knows how to translate emotions into great choices!


Projects Coordinator  Silicon Valley Showroom

Adrien Breon 



Designer - Technical Support

 Emanuele Avagnina

 Graduated from the Design School in Turin (Italy)

Emanuele is a young and talented designer, expert in CAD and many Italian brands

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