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The TV units from the Feeling Home collection by Arrital stand out for their design and functionality, making them a compelling option on the market. These units are part of a broader collection designed by Franco Driusso, which extends beyond the kitchen to include cabinetry that adapts to living rooms, studies, and TV rooms, ensuring design continuity throughout the home. The collection offers a variety of contexts and finishes, including melamine and veneer, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

What sets these TV units apart is their thoughtful design features, such as sliding shelves and integrated cable management systems, which ensure optimum functionality. The inclusion of the Letroh electrified bar, which comes with accessories and movable electrical sockets, adds an extra layer of convenience, particularly in study areas.

Furthermore, the Feeling Home collection is described as an integral, tailored, and flexible project aimed at transforming living spaces into areas of quality, well-being, and pleasure. This is achieved through a harmonious integration of technology and function with design and material, emphasizing the transformation of spaces into unique designs with a distinctive style.

These aspects highlight the innovative approach of Arrital in creating living spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, making the TV units from the Feeling Home collection a top choice for those seeking to blend style with practicality in their home decor.

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The “Feeling Home” concept by Arrital is an innovative approach to interior design, emphasizing the transformation of the kitchen and adjacent living spaces into a cohesive, hybrid living environment. This concept moves beyond traditional kitchen designs, focusing instead on creating a seamless blend between the kitchen and other areas of the home such as the living room, study, and TV room. Designed by Franco Driusso, the Feeling Home collection offers a range of cabinetry that adapts to various home environments, ensuring a consistent and harmonious design throughout the space

Key elements of the Feeling Home concept include a variety of contexts and finishes, such as melamine and veneer, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The design incorporates functional features like sliding shelves and integrated cable management for TV units, as well as the Letroh electrified bar with movable electrical sockets, enhancing the functionality and convenience of the living and study areas

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