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June 21, 2020by Olivier Renault

Arrital Italian Kitchen : Exclusive showroom in Palm Springs

Tredi Interiors, the renowned luxury interior design firm in Palm Springs, has recently announced that they will now be offering Arrital Italian kitchens. This is an exciting development for homeowners in the area who are looking for high-quality, stylish, and functional kitchen designs. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Arrital Italian kitchens and what makes them so special.

Arrital is a well-known Italian kitchen manufacturer that has been creating innovative kitchen designs for over 40 years. They are known for their attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and modern design aesthetics. Each Arrital kitchen is designed and crafted in Italy by skilled artisans who take great pride in their work.

One of the key features of Arrital Italian kitchens is their focus on functionality. The brand’s designers understand that the kitchen is not just a space for cooking but also a place where families come together to create memories. As such, their kitchens are designed to be both beautiful and functional, with a range of innovative features that make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable.

Another hallmark of Arrital Italian kitchens is their commitment to sustainability. The brand uses environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to minimize their impact on the environment. They also incorporate energy-saving technologies into their kitchen designs to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption.

Arrital Italian kitchens are available in a range of styles, from classic to modern. The brand’s designers take inspiration from the latest design trends, as well as from Italian tradition and craftsmanship. They offer a range of customization options, including colors, finishes, and materials, to ensure that each kitchen is tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs and preferences.

Tredi Interiors is proud to offer Arrital Italian kitchens to homeowners in Palm Springs. The firm’s team of experienced designers and craftsmen will work closely with clients to create a custom kitchen design that meets their unique needs and tastes. Tredi Interiors is also committed to providing a seamless installation process, ensuring that each kitchen is installed with precision and care.

One of the most popular Arrital kitchen designs is the AK_Project kitchen. This design features a sleek and modern aesthetic, with clean lines, minimalistic detailing, and a focus on functionality. The AK_Project kitchen includes a range of innovative features, such as a sliding countertop that can be used as a work surface or dining table, and a concealed range hood that blends seamlessly into the design.

Another popular Arrital kitchen design is the AK_06 kitchen. This design is characterized by its use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and its focus on creating a warm and inviting space. The AK_06 kitchen includes a range of customizable features, such as a breakfast bar and integrated lighting, to create a space that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs.

In conclusion, the availability of Arrital Italian kitchens at Tredi Interiors in Palm Springs is great news for homeowners in the area who are looking for high-quality, stylish, and functional kitchen designs. Arrital kitchens are known for their attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and commitment to sustainability. They offer a range of customization options and are available in a range of styles to suit every taste and preference. With the help of Tredi Interiors’ experienced designers and craftsmen, homeowners can create a custom kitchen design that meets their unique needs and tastes.

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Arrital Italian Kitchens Palm Springs – Modern design kitchens, global strategy and vision

For more than 35 years, Arrital has worked in the modern kitchen design sector, increasingly representing the values of modern design, research and the ability to design and produce successful solutions and quality products. Production facilities are located in Fontanafredda (PN), together with the company headquarters and general management.

In the last 10 years, the brand has gained recognition and is now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide through various one brand stores, direct clients and distributors. In 2012, Arrital S.p.A. took over the brand Altamarea and entered the medium-high end bathroom furniture sector, further developing its relations in commercial, organisational and production areas.

Arrital is constantly in search of new values and meanings that reflect its kitchen culture, representing the brand’s promise to a market in continuous evolution. Arrital identifies itself as representative of a style and look that satisfies contemporary users, attentive to innovation, who consider the home to be a representation of their way of life and an expression of their personality. Today, Arrital represents a model of organisation and values through its planning of production and logistical flows, its approach to environmental sustainability, in addition to its marketing strategy focused on human resources and management style, as well as its focus on internal and external lifestyles.

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