Arrital Kitchen AK_04 flows with character and style

June 3, 2021by Olivier Renault

Arrital, a leader in contemporary European kitchen design makes sleek, refined, and high performance kitchens. Even though it is modern in theory, it contains classic elements such as simple lines, well organized spaces, and natural lighting. The result is a timeless interior: smart kitchen cabinets, intelligent spaces, and lasting beauty.

Arrital Modern Kitchens take your breath away.

Arrital’s Ak_04 project

The AK_04 is a modern project with modular flexibility. It involves latest new nanotechnology materials. The doors are made from a patented extruded aluminum frame. However, these materials are lightweight, solid, and slim. Finally, The 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels compliment the frame.

Arrital Ak_04 kitchen offers high-tech finishes

The Ak_04 kitchens have a range of exterior finishes:
The Fenix Ntm®, is a latest generation nanotechnological material. It is extremely compact and waterproof. Other finishes include tempered glasses. And also include many glossy, matte and oxidized lacquered colors. In addition, there are stainless steel, soft touch lacquer, and oxidized lacquer. Therefore, they will give your modern kitchen futuristic and stylish looks for years to come.

Arrital AK_04: variation in texture and color

Fine details in AK_04

Arrital AK_04 pa great attention to details. First, the lighting, then the snack area, all are part of a modern lifestyle. Finally, with the wood and stone finish, this area a classic. At the end, you have a kitchen where people can stay all the time.

See for yourself

Call us at Tredi interiors in CA locations. Or visit our Arrital Ak_04 page. Then, see the best in Italian modern kitchen design. Finally, experience endless possibilities with us.

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