Arrital-The Italian Kitchen Brand

August 26, 2022by Tess Pitzer
Feeling Home

We have always designed, produced and sold the world of the kitchen, and this is exactly what Arrital represents. The kitchen is a huge part of Italian culture, and an important space where you gather with friends and family. This is where memories are made. Keep reading to learn more about Arrital-The Italian Kitchen Brand. 


Tredi Interiors is an Italian Interior design company, with many different brands. Arrital is our kitchen brand.  We have been accompanying the generations into the most beloved place of the house- the kitchen, for over 40 years. We have advanced with new ideas of design and style, always facing any change or challenge with utmost enthusiasm. Our investments in technology, human resources and product industrialization allow us to stay current or even ahead in our designs.  In 2011, we embarked on a process of repositioning within the market by adopting a brand policy that was focused on quality, design, and the strong personality that allows us to take our space within the middle-high segment.  

Our passion for quality and innovation has always distinguished Arrital-The Italian Kitchen Brand. Here at Tredi Interiors, we believe in a sustainable future. Some of these practices include equipping our Arrital facility of Fontanafredda with a photovoltaic system that makes it pretty much self sufficient. 

Arrital-The Italian Kitchen Brand is 100% Made in Italy

Our constant research combines the most innovative materials with functional and ergonomic solutions.  The Global approach has allowed us to obtain ambitious recognitions and certifications. All of Arrital is 100% made in Italy, making it one of our most unique and exclusive characteristics.This acknowledgement confirms the strength and manufacturing value of the company and the materials used in the processes. Everything is strictly made in Italy, therefore you are guaranteed safety and traceability of the products and their certified components.

Feeling Home

Feeling Home

Today we are featuring Feeling Home, the hybrid living space. We wanted to go beyond the Arrital kitchen designs, and interprets daytime open space beyond the kitchen. You and your life become the center. Feeling home includes new functions, work and relationships in a hybrid setting with the kitchen being a theatre that represents the design and the emotions of a dynamic habitat.
The style of the day area becomes a mood of sharing, one expressing the personality of the home and its occupants. Feeling Home isan integral, tailored and flexible project for transforming a space into quality, well-being and pleasure. This concept also includes K_Lounge, a program of solutions and modular compositions dedicated to the day area, where technology and function are integrated harmoniously with design and material.

With Feeling Home, Arrital also presents a collection of furnishing accessories that amplify the value of the spaces, transforming them into a design with a unique style.

Feeling Home
Feeling Home

If you are looking for a kitchen transformation, contact us today at Tredi Interiors . Our showroom is based in Palm Springs, while our design center is in Silicon Valley.

We hope you enjoy Arrital-The Italian Kitchen Brand as much as we do. Ciao!



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