Bathroom Trends of 2022

September 23, 2022by Tess Pitzer

There are 6 features that a trendy bathroom must have. The bathroom is a multi sensory experience, more than just a home environment. It is an irresistible and exciting challenge for those who design with today’s limitless tools and possibilities. Infinite alternatives making it possible to give life to infinite different bathrooms.  What do interior designers and planners have today when they start imagining a new bathroom? Tredi Interiors bathroom brand Idea Group takes you on a deep dive into the bathroom trends of 2022. 

Soft and sinuous lines

The curves are back! The proposals for rounded furnishing solutions and patterns inspired by soft and wavy lines multiply. The 2022 trend is in for sharp contrast with what has characterized most of the proposals up to now. Clear and defined lines, square and rigorous shapes.


Color and flashes of light

The bathroom furniture trends of 2022 express character through color and iridescent details. Delicate shades inspired by the colors of nature or more intense and decisive tones don’t matter. You can alternate with each other or play with the material finishes, creating personal styles and unique combinations. Glossy, matte, metallic, or lacquered. The color is declined in different shades also based on the way the light hits the surface. Elegant flashes of light lend refinement and a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Customization and mix and match is key. 



The bathroom trends of 2022 are a triumph of materials that are beautiful to touch, and capable of evoking pleasant tactile sensations. Ceramic remains one of the most popular materials, but Fenix, porcelain stoneware, HPL, marble, wood, and all the other technical agglomerates offer an infinite range of aesthetic and design solutions. The choice is wide both for the tops and for the washbasins, as well as for the finishes of the furniture or shower trays. The bathroom can become a blank canvas on which to express personality and inspiration. 

Technology and home automation

Contemporary bathroom furniture is technological. What does technology within the bathroom mean? From mirrors with Bluetooth connection to listen to music from your favorite device, to technical surfaces with a great aesthetic impact but easy to clean…technology in the bathroom is all that today offers with transforming design into functionality. 

It is not aesthetic for its own sake. Trendy furnishing solutions solve small problems, provide comfort and respond to specific daily needs, such as preventing the mirror from fogging up during a shower.


Scenographic Lighting

In the trendy bathroom, lighting is a fundamental element, no longer linked to the sole function of light. Modern suspensions, scenographic LEDs that emphasize the volumes of the mirrors, and thin luminous lines that transform the light into a piece of furniture and complete the interior design. 


A touch of green

The bathroom is not trendy without a green corner. Shelves of house plants that love humid environments also furnish and give a natural touch to the environment. 


The Wellness Corner

The 2022 trends definitively consecrate the bathroom as a wellness room. It’s a private oasis dedicated to relaxation. This space is intended for personal pampering, a large design shower or a modern bathtub, in which to indulge in moments of well-being. This part of bathroom design cannot be overlooked. 



The contemporary bathroom is above all functional and designed to meet the needs of busy lives. Compartments and modules designed to organize cosmetics and linen, linear surfaces for easy maintenance, and elegant handles with a comfortable grip. We have both closed and open solutions for likely and original compositions. 


What does the future of bathroom furniture hold? For now we cannot predict this. Don’t miss the developments and our latest Tredi Interiors and Idea Group proposals. 

Bathroom trends of 2022 outline a bathroom full of personality and color. This environment is meant to be fully experienced thanks to new functions, well designed spaces, and practical, beautiful materials to touch. 

In Design we Trust!

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