Biossun bioclimatic pergola this summer: eat, play, and work in your own outdoor space!

Biossun’s bioclimatic pergola means freedom!

Retractable roof

Biossun bioclimatic pergola’s retractable roof is completely adjustable. Made with aluminum slabs at 175°angle from each other, you can adjust the amount of exposure to the sun from your remote control. Additionally, the roof is completely removable. Therefore, you can enjoy full exposure to the sun if you choose. Finally, your bioclimatic pergola is a source of comfort and pleasure in your home. So, let time pass and the climate in your pergola will always be perfect.

Side shades

The pergola has side screens or shades that can drop down for your enjoyment. Thus it offers various levels of light and cover from your surroundings. These shades are concealed in the structure of the pergola. However, you can bring them down with a simple touch on your remote control. You can chose between a see through screen or a fully covered shade from your remote control. With the sun under control, you can create a small shaded corner of paradise in your own outdoor space. 

Reinvent your outdoor living space 

Biossun’s pergola is very versatile. You can build it in your yard, on your rooftop or balcony. Therefore, it easily transforms any outdoor area into a unique living space. Finally, you can intelligently manage your outdoor atmosphere through a small remote control.

Which pergola is right for you?

Additionally, these pergolas are modular and customize made to fit your needs. With 350 different colors to choose from, you will no doubt be able to find a color that fits your house. At last, Tredi Interiors’ experienced designers will find the best pergola for your needs.

Yet, Biossun has more choices

Finally, the following choices are available for your shades:
– The ZIPSUN® awning is a high quality fabric available in 33 colors. It provides solar protection and preserves the distribution of natural light.
– The claustra, an elegant aluminum screen, matches the color of your pergola. 

– The rain sensor  has an automatic activation system that closes the blades when it rains.
– The RGB or white LED strip lighting creates a luminous atmosphere and brings comfortable lights for your well-being. 

See for yourself

With the right lighting and shading of your pergola,  you time spent here can be truly magical! You will never be disappointed with Biossun’s product or service. To see this amazing product, visit our website or Trediinterior’s showrooms. And see a Tredi Interior’s designer and spend your summer in bioclimate!

In Design we Trust!

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