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August 12, 2022by Tess Pitzer

Here at Tredi Interiors, we specialize in luxurious Italian modern design. Italian aesthetic has become a centerpiece of modern design, with its well-established design history going back centuries. Are you looking to furnish your entire home, bathroom, or just one room? Tredi Interiors offers professional design services to assist you. Our interior designers are highly experienced. They hold the resources, and creativity to guide you through the process from start to finish. We begin with space planning, then color coordination, and finally the fabric and furnishing selection for your home. If you are looking to make your home both sophisticated and cozy, allow Tredi Interiors to transform it! Keep reading to view our collections of My Time and Spazio Time with updated furnishing collections for bathroom and laundry rooms. Versatile, interchangeable, and customizable.


My Time

We restyled these two collections focusing on the changing requirements of contemporary living. Now introducing new solutions and furnishing collections for bathroom and laundry rooms to magnify functionality. My Time is a collection of modern bathroom furniture designed to appeal to those who are after contrasting volumes, colors and textured finishes. It is afunctional, versatile collection with modular pieces that easily adapt to any requirement in terms of space and personal style. My Time is furniture for modern bathrooms that will appeal to those who love contrasts. With the warmth of the materials, this creates an intimate atmosphere with an irreverent touch of color. 

Explore the revamped My Time collection here

My Time and Spazio Time


Spazio Time

Spazio Time is a furnishing collection for your functional modern-design laundry roomThere are plenty of accessories and complementary items to choose from. The distinguishing features are commonality and versatility. With the latest trends in interior design, the bathroom and laundry room typically blend together. 

Design begins to move away from the traditional concept of bathroom décor, searching for ambience that enhances comfort and emotions. Essence meets color in this line of bathroom furniture. Shapes, materials and colors interact in order to create a relaxed but meticulous atmosphere. The customization accommodates all tastes from the bathroom accessories, textured or colorful lacquered finishes, floor-standing single units all the way to integrated or suspended bathroom cabinets with two wash basins.

My Time and Spazio Time


Palm Springs and Silicon Valley based Tredi Interiors specializes in Modern Italian design consultation and project management for upscale residential remodeling and renovation. Contact us today for your bathroom and home design needs. 

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