Home begins in the kitchen

July 25, 2022by Tess Pitzer


Home begins in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the part of the house is where everyone gathers to share as much as conversation, food, and quality time with one another. Passion for family and food is deeply rooted in Italian culture. With Tredi’s leading brands, not only will you enjoy cooking and hosting, but also having created a masterpiece for your guests to marvel at. As each Tredi kitchen is unique, you can be sure that no one else has the same kitchen as yours. Continue reading to see how the home begins in the kitchen, featuring the new AK_07 kitchen system designed by Franco Driusso.

Modern Italian Kitchen

Kitchens must be pleasant, comfortable, and work well without neglecting its number one purpose. Placing importance on appliances that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing, is a priority. Sufficient space for food, and equal space devoted to food preparation improves the efficiency for those who are constantly using the space. As you can see in our new AK_07 kitchen system, all of this is taken into consideration.

The New Ak_07 Kitchen System

With the new Ak_07 kitchen system, Arrital reinterprets the design of door with frame profile in a contemporary language. This reflects the Company’s sartorial approach; a completion of the range that allows it to reach the most sophisticated areas of taste through a wide design vocabulary and a variety of materials and finishes. Ak_07 six different moods enhance its refined and international style. It has been designed to meet different areas of taste. From the countryside cottage to the urban loft, Ak_07 offers various design elements that guarantee maximum functionality and full optimization of spaces.

Ak_07 is available in Castagno Spazzolato in four shades – Fjord, Royal, Luxor and Wild – and in 20 Sand lacquered colors.

The thin frame profile made of solid wood is equipped with a practical integrated handle whose grip is facilitated by the inclined surface. This is a distinctive feature of the entire kitchen. The four strips that frame the door show the signs of the lap joint, a distinctive feature of solid wood.

Tredi Interiors

Tredi Interiors is based in both Palm Springs and Silicon Valley. We specialize in Modern Italian design consultation and project management for upscale residential remodeling and renovation. Our exceptional level of expertise and service provides you with the beset design experience.

Visit our Palm Springs Furniture and Design showroom, Tredi Interiors, to make your dream home come to life.

Exceptional level of service and expertise to provide the best design experience for our clients from concept to completion.

Visit our  Palm Springs Furniture and Design showroom, Tredi Interiors, and make your house a home. 


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