Small bathrooms: tiles, lighting, and furnishings with character!

Tiles and cladding

Tiles are  important for a small space. Ideagroup’s full-service design solutions starts from the moodboard to outline materials and textures. Here we can also select tiles or cladding to form a design and color concept.

There are many sized of bathroom tiles to choose from. They range from the mini mosaic sizes to the large sizes. However, the most popular choices are the medium-large tile sizes: 60x120cm or 80x160cm. They work well in small areas as they bring a sense of large space even in a limited area. In addition, they show clear tile texture with a 3D relief effect. Finally, they are quick to lay. 

As an alternative to tiles, the latest generation resins or wallpapers are also excellent choices.  They can eliminate the blocks and give a more uniformed look. This choice is good to use on one or two walls. Too many will make your bathroom look bland.  As some details are necessary to provide depth and dimensions in your bathroom.

Furnishings for a small bathroom

Although, a small bathroom is a challenge for the designer. But, there is hope.  Divide and conquer is the way to go. Instead of the traditional vanity, you can have a beautiful free-standing washbasin.  Using individually installed suspended cabinets or shelves provide independent characters that are visual, 3 dimensional, and minimalistic.

Light to optimize a sense of space

Lighting can radically change the perception of space. Natural lighting is a great way to open up a small areas. Lighting on the mirror doubles the sense of space. Strategically placed LED bars, off-centre light fixtures or spotlights that focuses on a décor, all can create the impression of space.  

Shower or bathtub?

Although a shower enclosure maybe the most obvious solution for tight areas. Many comfortable, compact bathtub models are available. So, even in a small bathroom, both can be possible.

To know more about Ideagroup’s modern bathroom design, visit our website or our showroom.

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