Modern Italian designer Riflessi’s extendable dining table uses dynamic architecture to transform a small console to a large dinning table with ease. Using a cutting edge design, Riflessi’s console table provides flexibility furniture that can fit in any space. In addition, it can well serve any occasion and needs large or small. As a result, each exclusively designed piece makes Riflessi’s dining table seamlessly arranged and simply beautiful. 

Enlighten your room with Riflessi’s extendable modern dinning table in white. Your space will look chic and minimalistic.


Modern Italian designer Riflessi’s extendable console table ranges from 50cmx90cm (LxW) to 3 meters x 1.3 meters (LXW). The table can also have two smaller sizes in between such as 1 meter and 2 meters in length. With its cutting edge mechanical design, the table is durable under many expansions and compressions. The extendable width and length makes it the most adaptable design in the furniture world. 

Riflessi’s adaptable structure design can easily transform the console to various sizes for your needs.

At the end you have a dinning table with the sophistication and functionality of Riflessi’s attention to details.

Many choices to suite your moods

Riflessi’s modern Italian extendable dining table offers many table top choices: such as oak, walnut and tempered glass.  In addition to the materials, there are many colors and finishes to suit your taste and mood. All of these choices create a sleek, contemporary, and minimalistic look. Finally, we have convertible legs and corners that you can mix and match. With so many choices of Modern Italian designs, you will find an elegant and stylish piece perfect for your house. Your family and friends will enjoy this important piece of furniture for many years to come.

For more information visit our Riflessi page here, their website or better yet come to our show room locations to experience for yourself the modern Italian design experience.

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