Modern kitchen ideas for minimalism

October 6, 2022by Tess Pitzer
Minimalistic Italian Kitchen

Let’s be honest, we all want to save space in the kitchen, no matter how small or luxurious the space may be. There are some very simple adustments in order to optimize your space, and have your kitchen appear more minimalistic. Keep reading to learn some of our modern kitchen ideas for minimalism. 

Declutter & get organized

The first step in designing your new kitchen is decluttering. This also just feels refreshing to do every so often! Get rid of appliances and items that you don’t use. Only keep your best kitchen tools that you need on an everyday basis. We always say “quality of quantity”. Once you declutter, you organize. Consider putting your kitchen items in categories. Investing in pantry and cutlery organization pieces will also help tremendously. Once you are done with this step, try the other steps below when designing your kitchen to have it appear more grand and minimalistic.

Combine your sinks

If you decide to opt for a single bowl sink, this will save you quite a bit of space. But, if your sink is under mounted… it’s even better. Our tip? Having a single bowl sink that is under mount, is perfect if your kitchen is on the smaller end. Single bowl sinks save about a foot or more of your counter space. Building in an under mount sink means that the edges of the sink will be hidden, allowing more counter space next to the sink.

Storage, storage, storage!

Pull out pantry – The reason a pullout pantry is a great idea, is because it will save you lots of space. A slender pantry can be tucked in just about anywhere. This means even in the tiniest space, allowing the items to be easily accessible even if they are tucked back.

Cabinets up to the ceiling – If you are working with Tredi Interiors and Arrital for your kitchen design, we will customize special Italian cupboards for optimal storage. They can go all the way up to your ceiling, allowing more space. Will the cabinets at the highest point be hard to access? Yes, this is true. However you can put items that you touch less frequently, or valuable kitchen gifts or pieces at this height. In a small space, this storage option is definitely worth doing. With the cabinets being ceiling high, it will also make your space look bigger.

Wall mounted storage – The best space saver! Rather than keeping a wall blank or decorating it, you can make the most of this free space! Convert it into storage. Mounting rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling, magnetic racks, use of hooks to hang certain kitchen utensils, and more allows for additional storage space. Here at Tredi Interiors, we will help you come up with the best design plan for your space.

All in one island – A big island with a stove, range, sink, and lots of storage can also be the best way to go. All of your essentials will be stored in the island, with stools on the opposite end to sit your family or guests.

Sleek surfaces and appliances 

Since you cannot hide everything in your kitchen, investing in modern appliances with clean, smooth lines will appear more minimalistic. Allow us to do the rest for you as far as the materials and customized kitchen furniture goes. We will give you the kitchen of your dreams! 

Minimalistic Italian Kitchen

Don’t let the size of your kitchen discourage you. Naturally, Italian Kitchens are minimalistic. Minimal hardware, good lighting, and being savvy with the design will tremendously open up a tight and narrow kitchen. Italian kitchens are made for hosting your family and friends.  Everyone deserves to feel the best in their kitchen, and feel comfortable while hosting. We hope you enjoyed this list of modern kitchen ideas for minimalism. 

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