New Kitchen Worktops with Superpowers!

November 13, 2018by Olivier Renault0

New Worktops with Superpowers

Kitchen worktops with superpowers!
Fenix counter top – Arrital kitchen – Worktops

Here at Arrital Kitchens we love it when we can work with new technologies to offer our customers even better kitchens.

Fenix ® is an innovative material that uses nanotechnology to offer a truly special kitchen surface. So special it has its own superpowers:

Self healing kitchen worktopA surface that can heal
No longer do you need to worry about small scratches that happen through everyday use. By moistening the surface of a scratch with a piece of damp kitchen paper then running a hot iron over the top, those little scratches are repaired
Fingerprint proof worktop

Fingerprint proof


Worried that your stunning new kitchen will be marked by fingerprints? Worry no more. This lightfast matt surface never shows fingerprints.

Antibacterial worktop



This innovative surface looks after you and keeps you safe with its enhanced antibacterial properties.

Heat resistant kitchen worktop

Heat resistant


This surface is highly resistant to heat changes. Cold or hot, it copes with both!

Easy to clean kitchen worktopEasy to clean
It’s not surprising that with its self-healing properties, anti-bacterial abilities and anti-fingerprint technology, your kitchen requires very little effort on your part to keep it clean!
Mould resistant kitchen worktopMould resistant
No more mould residue around your sink area. Mould simply cannot grow on a Fenix NTM surface.
UV resistant kitchen worktopUV resistant
Nanotech is resistant to UV light, so your kitchen will never discolour. It will stay looking as good as new.
Water resistant kitchen worktopWater resistant
Like water off a duck’s back, it simply repels water. If you spill anything you will find it very easy to mop up
Kitchen worktop resistant to cleaning agentsResistant to acid solvents & household cleaning agents
Bleach spills are nothing to worry about in a Nanotech kitchen due to its high resistance to acid solvents and other household cleaning products.

You may point out that these superpowers are not those we associate with your modern day superhero and to this, we would agree.

Maybe, this should be the benefits of Fenix NTM (we have seen it also referred to as the “virtues”) but we think that “superpowers” truly reflect this truly superior kitchen surface.

FenixNTM worktops are available across our kitchen ranges.

If you’d like to know more, pop into our kitchen showroom where you can get a real feel for the surface and talk to our experts, alternatively give us a call on 408-399-0080

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