Tips on designing a hidden laundry

November 21, 2022by Tess Pitzer

You may be wondering how we are able to conceal a washing machine and laundry detergents? This is part of the beauty of interior design! This day in age, we are living in smaller homes, and need to learn how to adapt to these types of spaces. It’s very rare to have a room dedicated to ironing and washing. If you are going for a more minimalistic approach, trying one of our collections of bathrooms furniture that’s dedicated to laundry space will be the best fit in your home. A modern laundry room doesn’t need to be hidden, but if you still want to disguise these aspects, we are here to help. This could also be beneficial to this extra space as it can double as a guest room. Keep reading to learn some tips on designing a hidden laundry room.

How to hide the laundry in the bathroom

What are the typical features of a laundry room? A washing machine, detergents and small tools for clothes washing, a laundry basket, and an ironing board. If you have a bigger space or a whole room dedicate to this, we may add in other appliances or accessories such as a sink, dryer, broom cupboard for buckets, vacuum, and other cleaning products for around the house.

Furniture made for bathroom laundries is designed for areas in order to be both stylish and functional. You will find this furniture consists of deep drawers for organization and tall units for special storage for house cleaning items, etc. Keep reading to learn how to hide everything!



Hiding the washing machine in the bathroom

The main goal is to disguise the washing machine so that it isn’t visible. Most models that are available now a days are every modern and easy on the eyes. But for those who want it, there are several solutions for storage. Even if you wanted to simply avoid your appliance from overheating, there is storage made exactly for this.

For example, if you have a bathroom that also holds a washing machine, we have special tall units equipped to support and disguise both a washer and dryer.

There are some really nice furniture options that will allow us to help you coordinate with the style of the bathroom. It all typically depends on the space that’s available.
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Hiding the laundry

Our furniture includes deep internal drawers that hold the laundry. This way the mess can be out of sight. Of course if you prefer, you can choose a designer basket and leave it out for people to see as sometimes that can be fun to coordinate for the style of the space. However, if you are limited on space and going for a minimalistic approach, this is the best solution.



Organizing and hiding detergents and accessories

Tall units, wall units, open units, and deep drawers are the essentials in order to keep everything looking clean and organized.  These pieces will hold everything needed for washing and cleaning. Keep in mind that in a bathroom laundry, a portion of this space is dedicated to function. Remember that when we are planning your future space, that it’s not only for storing personal cosmetics, etc.



Hide the sink? 

Sinks are a thing of the past. Nowadays, we don’t wash as much by hand as we used to. However, sinks can be useful for a number of reasons such as a baby bathtub, a puppy, orwashing large objects.  What we recommend is installing a hybrid washbasin that is able to increase its depth to becoming a sink. It will look good on the eyes, but hold convenience when needed.

Hiding brooms and buckets in a bathroom laundry

Now, this depends on the size of the space. If your bathroom is big enough to be used for organizing all your house cleaning items, we recommend choosing storage units with a large capacity so that you can fit buckets, vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, and more. We have tall units with different widths and depths that make the perfect storage space and piece perfect with the bathroom and laundry interior.


Hiding the ironing board

Ironing is not a frequent activity, but it’s sometimes a must! You don’t need to much for this, only an ironingboard, an iron, and any special products needed for this task. These can easily be concealed from with with our closed storage units. We may even be ale to add a pull out ironing board.

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We hope these tips on designing a hidden laundry room were helpful! Contact us today for all interior design needs!

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