Which colors go best together in a bathroom?

December 27, 2022by Tess Pitzer

Are you looking for the best color coordination and combination for your bathroom, and can’t quite figure it out? It isn’t easy to choose colors and textures that pair well together. You also need to take into consideration the furniture that you will be adding. In this article, we will teach you which colors go best together in a bathroom, along with furniture tips too!


Designing a new bathroom

The following steps will help you in designing your bathroom :

  1. Defining the bathroom starting from the room layout.
  2. Create a mood board and a color palette. This will help you inspire the style of your bathroom.
  3. Select the bathroom furniture, accessories, lighting, fabric, and sanitary ware.

You don’t need to worry about any specific order when it comes to beginning with the mood board or layout of the room. Everything will depend on your special requirements and the state of which the room is in. For example, if you are building the bathroom from scratch, it would typically be the mood board that will provide the inspiration for the actual design and layout of your bathroom. But, if you are renovating an already existing bathroom, you will typically begin with the floor plan.

Next will be choosing your color scheme. Colors provide the ambience for the room. What will your furniture choice be? How will this align with your colors? You can use colors that contrast with the furniture, or use similar tones. Never be afraid to do what you want! You can also hire an interior designer if you aren’t completely sure how to go about doing this. Here at Tredi Interiors, we love bathroom design and would be happy to help!


Which elements should complement each other?

There are many different colors and finishes! You Have endless design options. Our bathroom furniture company offers a color palette, consisting of 41 lacquered finishes (matte, glossy, and soft touch). We also offer 4 trendy metallic finishes (copper, gold, titanium, and pearl white). This will give you a very wide scope in order to customize the frames of your bathroom furniture, and much more! Washbasins can potentially be painted in a matching color. Our Duplex Fenix Ntm top comes in 12 colors to match the Mineralsolid integrated washbasin. This creates a seamless surface. It will either be tone on tone or contrasting with the cabinet. You are also able to customize your shower tray and enclosure from our Disenia collection. You may choose any color from the same palette! We have a handful of models of freestanding bathtubs that you can apply this too as well.


How do you match colors in a modern bathroom?

What is modern bathroom decor? Think clean, uncluttered, and minimalistic. Pale, neutral color schemes with shades of grey, white, beige, etc are the most popular color choices for modern bathrooms. However, you can choose whatever color you desire! Don’t hesitate to choose bright and vibrant. Colors do have their place, and certain modern bathroom decor can actually be elevated by pops of color and characterful contrasts. Certain colors may even add a touch of glamor.

If you are planning on using colors as a big staple in your bathroom, you might not even need to think big with furniture. Pairing a colored ceiling with neutral walls or furniture is another way you can add some color into a modern bathroom. Painting the bathroom door the same color as a wall, or a different color altogether will add that elevated contrast.

Would you rather go for a neutral bathroom, or a pop of color? Take a look at our blog to learn more about Italian Interior design, along with decor tips and tricks.


We hope you enjoyed learning about which colors go best together in a bathroom. Visit us today at Tredi Interiors. 

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