Why choose Italian interior design?

September 7, 2022by Tess Pitzer

The “Italian style” is world renown. In the luxury industry, from automotive to fashion, “Made in Italy” always seems to stand out to everyone. Interior design is part of this industry as well. Italian’s are known for their good style and taste. This is the reason that Italian interior design is sought after internationally. With a well-established design history going back centuries, it would be fair to say that the Italian aesthetic has become a mainstay of modern design.

Milan has its Salone del Mobile, which continues to be the capital of design. Many famous companies in furniture, upholstery and accessories are also Italian. These brands collaborate with designers from across the world, and continue to carry the name of Italian design. Take Tredi Interiors for example, we are a team of highly trained Italian and French designers. CEO and design manager Olivier Renault, originally from the French Riviera, specialized in Italian modern design, working in partnership with MOBILI TREDI in Italy and on the French Riviera for 15 years. 

Why choose Italian Interior Design? 

When searching for an Interior Designer, the question may arise, “why choose Italian Interior design?” If our above paragraph wasn’t convincing enough, we’ve got just the answer for you. Firstly, the importance of the home is deeply rooted within Italian culture. Taking care of one’s home, gathering with the entire family, and enjoying delicious food together are just a few of the most important things. Investing in designers that understand the needs of a family and home like this, is worth every penny. 

Secondly, “Made in Italy” pieces are created by the hands of knowledgable local artisans. Aside from being both excellent and high quality, these items are exclusive. The manual processing from the Italian artisans makes your product a “one and only”. These are unique pieces that a manufacturer could not replicate. Well-known Italian furniture brands invest in the research and innovation. This is key in order to stay up to date with contemporary design and perfecting their products. 

Why choose Italian interior design?

Italian Interior Designers know what’s best

You can count on an Italian interior designer to know where to find valuable items. Not only this, but they know exactly where the production takes place, and can put you in direct contact with the best brands of Italian design to include in your home remodel. Here at Tredi Interiors, we have many different furniture brands for you to choose from. From kitchens to bathroomsbedrooms to outdoors, we have something for just about every part of the home. 


Tredi Interiors

We provide our clients with the highest quality of items and materials. Whether you need to furnish your entire home or just redecorate a room, Tredi Interiors offers professional design services to assist you. Our experienced interior designers have the expertise, resources and creativity to guide you through the process of space planning, color coordination, fabric and furnishing selection for your home.

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