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Varaschin Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Discover the past to create the future. Since 1969, the bond between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions characterizes Varaschin, a venetian company leader in the outdoor market. The weave, once of rattan and wicker now of synthetic materials more suitable for the outdoors, has always been the soul of Varaschin production, a unique stylistic feature and synonym of quality. In addition to the outdoor collections, Varaschin also manufactures indoor and contract products, signed by the most prestigious names in Italian and international design. Each product line has its own story and identity, but the re-interpretation of the weave concept is the common denominator among them.
Attention to detail, originality and aesthetic care are core features of Varaschin products, which are unique, sophisticated and elegant. The vision of a unique space both in the house and contract environment, inspires furniture which expands and connects the outdoors with the indoors, in a balanced game between lightness and comfort.

In Among the Prosecco hills of Treviso, Varaschin has dedicated years to the production of original design products.
Our work and our creativity are stimulated by a natural landscape. When visitors come by us, they note that our company is surrounded a forest of green , an endless extention of vineyards
Our area offers visitors the possibility to choose among a large range of activities: from cultural , to eno-gastronomical, sport and religious tourism.
Varaschin fars only a few minutes from the main cities. Among these, Vittorio Veneto is well known for its fundamental role during the WW1 and for the decorated palaces that give an original charm to the streets of this medieval village.

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