European Kitchen

What makes a European Kitchen so Desirable?



Contemporary, clean lines, from top designers



Easy access for appliances, cabinets, seating



Long life for hinges, rails, coating



A large list of options for  color, finish, material



Safe for children. Safe for adults

What if

You didn’t have to choose between them, but rather got them All.

And in addition –

Had a unique look, one-of-a-kind Kitchen, that sets yours apart from anything else out there?

Kitchen  & Style

Tredi Interiors brings to you some of the leading brands and  designers in Italy. Names like Arrital are known on the world design scene for decades.

Clean lines, modern style, and the unmistakable touch of great Italian designers.

Enjoy the difference!


A great-looking kitchen  is just the beginning. It's not only the place where you cook.

Careful thought goes into how you use the space, easy access, location of the appliances , and smart storage.

Form and function - that's what Tredi is all about.


Colors that stay vibrant. Hinges that work smoothly even after thousands of opening and closing. Materials that are treated to stay strong years after the kitchen was installed.

At Tredi we do not compromise on quality so that your kitchen remain fresh for a long time.


We are all different, with our personal taste in colors, materials, and sizes.

Tredi Interiors offers one of the largest selections of these so that you can customize your bathroom to be as unique and individual as you are!

No two kitchens of Tredi are the same. We guarantee it!


A kitchen is not only a room where you cook.

It's primarily where the family, guests like to stay.

And since a kitchen comes with water, appliances,  at Tredi we take special measures to ensure the safety of children and adults alike.

Now you can enjoy  your kitchen with confidence!

However -

There are a few things We couldn't Demonstrate here


The smooth

finish of cooking surfaces


The pleasant chill

of stainless steel cabinet doors


The whisper quiet

opening and closing of drawers


The perfect grip

of handles


The variety

of colors and materials 

For that reason we'd like to invite you to

A Different Experience for your Modern Kitchen Remodeling Palm Springs, CA with  Tredi Interiors!

Tredi Interiors

In your visit to our showroom you will:

  • See the latest designs of Italian Modern Kitchen, the top quality of the cabinets, and the huge selection of colors and finishes
  • Hear the whisper-quiet drawers and doors opening and closing
  • Touch the smooth surfaces and feel the strong grip of handles



    If you are already working with an architect or an interior designer, bring them along!

    Schedule Your Visit Today Because

    we are sure of two things

    One-of-a-Kind Experience

    You have probably never seen such a modern kitchen in a 360-action before.

    This will be an experience you will take with you during the days and weeks to come.

    Indispensable Knowledge

    We know that Tredi kitchens are not for everyone.

    But even if you don't end up getting a Tredi kitchen, after your visit you will be armed with the knowledge and questions to ask any kitchen manufacturer you visit in the future.

    European Kitchen Design makes an Impact

    If you are intending on a house enhancement task, kitchen improvement is a fantastic alternative that will not just enhance resale worth however likewise boost the quality of living for your household. When it pertains to patterns, a timeless style option for lots of property owners is European Style. This post talks about crucial points you require to understand to execute European design kitchen renovation and delight in the advantages of job success.

    European design kitchen redesigning still can be found in a large range of variations from Greek, English Beaux, Classic Revival, Romantic French, Danish Modern, Italian, Scandinavian, and Tuscan Provencal. Your style option need to not just please your individual taste and choice however likewise enhance with the general appearance of your home. To attain the Euro look and crucial character to concentrate on is the inviting touch and architecture that display stylistic stability.

    When remodeling the heart of houses, the most convenient method to instill European design is through picking cabinets that matches the style. Being among the most aesthetically dominant functions of kitchen areas, your cabinets collection can produce the atmosphere you desire out of the space.

    Tuscan Kitchens are rustic and frequently portray the colors of beaches and lavish countryside vistas. Typical colors consist of deep rusty reds, oranges, terra-cotta, yellow umber, numerous tones of pink and peach and naturally, green. Improve the walls with Tuscan art which might be genuine or classy photographic prints, vibrant tiles for backsplash, and/or wall mural. Furnishings and cabinets are frequently ended up unpainted with perfect wood glaze varying from deep browns to abundant honey colors.

    However if you pick to have your cabinets painted, gorgeous color options consist of: vanilla, white, cream, dark green or dark blue.
    Another popular European design kitchen improvement is the modern-day Euro style that is greatly motivated with Italian style. Cabinets typically sport horizontal graining and frameless building. Complete variety from abundant honey to cherry satin with glass door alternatives and metal hardware. The character to accomplish in this established is improved flexibility which can efficiently be carried out by selecting Shaker design cabinets. Plain colors like black, grey and other neutrals are dominant with white as the most popular. Another pattern in Modern Euro is sustainability not just in restoration products however likewise in lighting and pipes components.

    Kitchen renovation has actually turned into one of the most popular house enhancements that have actually shown not just fashionable however likewise a financial investment worth your while. When it concerns style declarations, one timeless alternative that never ever goes passé is Euro design. So if you are intending on beautifying your New York house through injecting some life into its heart, then kitchen renovating euro design may simply be the endeavor for you.

    The heart of houses has actually changed from just being a mess hall that accommodates the tough labor of old-fashioned cooking and cooking to an all-inclusive space that now serves numerous functions from amusing visitors and household to whatever activities that the home love to share. What much better method to incorporate a trendy style to a practical daily than by exploring your Euro design choices that varies into a broad choice of European-inspired styles from ageless Greek, Classic Revival, Romantic French, Danish Modern, Italian and Scandinavian.

    Whatever your individual taste and choice is, you will undoubtedly discover some method to creatively incorporate your option of Euro design into the remainder of the design, home furnishings and other components of your kitchen renovation. European style was as soon as a special a high-end alternative that is just discovered in pricey houses and community. Modern times nevertheless, have actually paved method to the fantastic developments in innovation, building and style that permitted the most elegant of kitchen renovation offered mainstream.

    Contrary to what lots of house owners believe, Euro design is not restricted to an old-fashioned feel and look. When kitchen renovation, this can a flexible option that permits property owners to go from a captivating classic, alluringly rustic, basic yet attractive Tuscan, to smooth modern. European themed additions such as cabinets, natural stone counter tops, stone floor covering, elaborate trimmings, and other kitchen functions can likewise be a terrific method to develop a shift and fuse vintage appeal with contemporary performance and functionality in fitted or home kitchen areas.

    One method to quickly attain a European touch in your style whether you are utilizing a conventional, modern, or throughout between in your kitchen improvement is through your cabinets. Your cabinet collection can speak loudly of Euro flare that can offset an outstanding mix with all the remainder of the Interior Design aspects or magnificently stick out as a remarkable centerpiece.

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