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The IDEA Group My Seventy Plus modern bathroom furniture by Idea explores all the shapes of designer bathroom furniture, from soft, gentle ones to more linear ones with which to create endless compositions.
The modern bathrooms proposed count on ergonomics for bathroom furniture and accessories: rounded shapes and open units placed under mirrors provide practical décor, without foregoing design. There are numerous opportunities for customisation: There are numerous opportunities for customisation: over a hundred colours, cabinet and wash basin finishes, materials, with a choice of classics like frassino or innovative materials like Aquatek and Aqualux. With its rounded suspended bathroom units My Seventy Plus is the ideal collection for those who prefer bathroom décor with a romantic, retro air that is also modern and trendy.

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In the realm of contemporary interior design, the modern bathroom has emerged as a space where functionality seamlessly meets aesthetics. Tredi Interiors, a pioneer in innovative design solutions, presents an array of modern bathrooms that prioritize ergonomics and customization, revolutionizing the way we perceive bathroom furniture and accessories.
Ergonomics in Design:
Gone are the days of clunky, impractical bathroom furniture. Tredi Interiors understands the importance of ergonomics in modern living spaces, and their bathroom designs reflect this ethos. Rounded shapes and open units placed strategically under mirrors not only provide practical storage solutions but also contribute to the overall décor of the space. These thoughtful design elements ensure that every corner of the bathroom is both functional and visually appealing, catering to the needs of contemporary homeowners.
Limitless Customization.
One of the hallmarks of Tredi Interiors’ modern bathrooms is the abundance of customization options available. With over a hundred colors, cabinet and wash basin finishes, and materials to choose from, homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to personalizing their bathroom spaces. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of frassino or the innovative appeal of materials like Aquatek and Aqualux, Tredi Interiors has something to suit every taste and style.
Introducing My Seventy Plus:
Among Tredi Interiors’ standout collections is My Seventy Plus, a range of rounded suspended bathroom units that epitomize the marriage of romanticism, retro charm, and modern trends. Ideal for those who seek a bathroom décor that exudes nostalgia while still remaining on-trend, My Seventy Plus offers a perfect blend of old-world elegance and contemporary design sensibilities. With its sleek lines and versatile customization options, this collection is a testament to Tredi Interiors’ commitment to crafting bathrooms that are both functional and stylish.
The Intersection of Romance and Modernity:
With Tredi Interiors’ modern bathroom offerings, homeowners no longer have to compromise between romance and modernity. The My Seventy Plus collection, in particular, strikes a delicate balance between these two seemingly disparate elements, creating a space that is both charmingly nostalgic and undeniably contemporary. Whether you’re drawn to its rounded forms or its customizable features, My Seventy Plus proves that romance and modernity can coexist harmoniously in the realm of bathroom design.
Tredi Interiors’ modern bathrooms represent a paradigm shift in the way we approach bathroom design. By prioritizing ergonomics, customization, and the seamless integration of romanticism and modernity, Tredi Interiors has redefined the modern bathroom as a space that is not only functional but also a reflection of individual style and personality. With collections like My Seventy Plus leading the way, the future of bathroom design looks more exciting and innovative than ever before.

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