Italian Modern Kitchen Design

What is important to you with your Italian Modern Kitchen Design?



Contemporary, clean lines, from top designers



Easy access for appliances, cabinets, seating



Long life for hinges, rails, coating



A large list of options for  color, finish, material



Safe for children. Safe for adults

What if

You didn’t have to choose between them, but rather got them All.

And in addition –

Had a unique look, one-of-a-kind Kitchen, that sets yours apart from anything else out there?

At Tredi Interiors we make your Italian Modern Kitchen Design a reality?

Discover our Designs by Arrital 


May we suggest one of the best places to do so…


At a Tredi Interiors Showroom


Kitchen  & Style

Tredi Interiors brings to you some of the leading brands and  designers in Italy. Names like Arrital are known on the world design scene for decades.

Clean lines, modern style, and the unmistakable touch of great Italian designers.

Enjoy the difference!


A great-looking kitchen  is just the beginning. It's not only the place where you cook.

Careful thought goes into how you use the space, easy access, location of the appliances , and smart storage.

Form and function - that's what Tredi is all about.


Colors that stay vibrant. Hinges that work smoothly even after thousands of opening and closing. Materials that are treated to stay strong years after the kitchen was installed.

At Tredi we do not compromise on quality so that your kitchen remain fresh for a long time.


We are all different, with our personal taste in colors, materials, and sizes.

Tredi Interiors offers one of the largest selections of these so that you can customize your bathroom to be as unique and individual as you are!

No two kitchens of Tredi are the same. We guarantee it!


A kitchen is not only a room where you cook.

It's primarily where the family, guests like to stay.

And since a kitchen comes with water, appliances,  at Tredi we take special measures to ensure the safety of children and adults alike.

Now you can enjoy  your kitchen with confidence!

However -

There are a few things We couldn't Demonstrate here


The smooth

finish of cooking surfaces


The pleasant chill

of stainless steel cabinet doors


The whisper quiet

opening and closing of drawers


The perfect grip

of handles


The variety

of colors and materials 

For that reason we'd like to invite you to

A Different Experience for your Modern Kitchen Remodeling Palm Springs, CA with  Tredi Interiors!

Tredi Interiors

In your visit to our showroom you will:

  • See the latest designs of Italian Modern Kitchen, the top quality of the cabinets, and the huge selection of colors and finishes
  • Hear the whisper-quiet drawers and doors opening and closing
  • Touch the smooth surfaces and feel the strong grip of handles



    If you are already working with an architect or an interior designer, bring them along!

    Schedule Your Visit Today Because

    we are sure of two things

    One-of-a-Kind Experience

    You have probably never seen such a modern kitchen in a 360-action before.

    This will be an experience you will take with you during the days and weeks to come.

    Indispensable Knowledge

    We know that Tredi kitchens are not for everyone.

    But even if you don't end up getting a Tredi kitchen, after your visit you will be armed with the knowledge and questions to ask any kitchen manufacturer you visit in the future.

    Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Remodeling

    Kitchen interior design takes some time and imagination similar to any other space. Besides if you have joint kitchen and dining-room or consuming location it’s as two times crucial. Modern or pleasant your kitchen is that a person location where you invest more time than you believe, particularly if you enjoy cooking. In case of joint eating location and kitchen that time accumulates. So the kitchen design is very important. It must be practical, great and it must reveal your design.

    Modern kitchen interior decorations tend to be streamlined and function reflective surface areas like steel, glass, and shiny plastic. Steel is an aspect to include contemporary ambiance to your kitchen in case if it’s too pleasant or standard. Steel kitchen home appliances and devices or such components as a sink or a table will include that modern-day touch to any kitchen.

    In case your contemporary or hi-tech kitchen is too ‘cold’ and does not peaceful feel lived-in you might attempt including a puffy carpet and some devices to it. Flowers and plants will likewise include spiritedness to the location. Candle lights, wood tableware or aspect of decoration will likewise include some ‘heat’ to your kitchen interior decoration.

    If your kitchen is too little and you require to squeeze in the eating location right there, the integrated furnishings will conserve some area. Compact and space-conscious the integrated furnishings with and for the kitchen devices is crucial to efficient area management A little table with collapsible chairs will likewise permit some area in the kitchen. Simply fold the table or chairs while you’re are cooking and unfold them when it’s time for supper.

    Your kitchen can not just be a location to prepare and consume or just delight in a cup of tea however likewise your own house bar. Even if your kitchen can’t boast substantial quantity of area the counter can serve you while you prepare along with serve your visitors as a, well … counter. Ambient lights and a row of glass will definitely make an impression and along with develop an environment of a genuine bar.

    There are lots of color design for a contemporary or standard kitchen. From abundant brilliant shades to standard and neutral tones anything is possible in your kitchen. Everything depends upon what environment you wish to develop. If you are more into the vibrant state of mind in your kitchen, then include color and have fun with designs and textures. A brick wall mixed with wood and steel will develop a commercial modern-day feel. However, if you are more into neutral kitchen areas go black and white including elegant devices of different types and shapes to produce a fascinating decoration.

    When specialists cost a fortune simply for suggestions, creating your kitchen becomes your task. Kitchen interior decoration enters into the image after your designer has done his task of setting up a structure for you.

    The kitchen interior decoration is extremely dependant on the best design to make this design work. Regrettably, many individuals screw up this extremely crucial element when redesigning their kitchen, and wind up with the incorrect appearance or feel. Here are some standards to assist you to prevent this situation and accomplish your dream kitchen.

    The kitchen decoration is most likely the most crucial element of your kitchen interior decoration because it is the determining stick you utilize to choose if all your other home appliances match appropriately. The decoration everything about selecting the style that you desire. For various individuals, this will be various. The essential element is that it matches your character and tastes.

    If you have a huge kitchen, then opportunities are you have most likely wanted a smaller sized one from time to time and possibilities are that with a smaller sized kitchen you have requested a larger one. When you are altering the interior decoration of the kitchen, you might have the ability to make your kitchen look larger or smaller sized all based upon the kind of paint you utilize.

    If your kitchen is little (or any space for that matter) utilize light colors: off-white, beige and so on however you can accent the space with brilliant colors if you like to cheer up your kitchen. Dark colors will make space look smaller sized than it’s real size.

    The kitchen sink, cooking range, and the fridge must form a work triangle where the overall range of the three stations disappears than 26 feet. The three stations need to be close enough for benefit when preparing food.

    Other little things which you can do to enhance the general look of your kitchen consists of getting kitchen devices such as a brand-new glossy kettle, perhaps a soap meal, and do not forget the critical tea fabrics.

    These all been available in kitchen sets obviously – aside from the kettle – so you’re great on money also because getting things in sets do tend to be less costly than purchasing things separately. Another great concept for kitchen sets is a variety of salt and pepper shakers. The soap meal concept with a hand pump dispenser likewise works well if you’re leaning in the method of upgrading the oddments in your kitchen.

    You likewise have the option of getting things like rollercoasters and location mats, trivets, meals, bowls, and the very important flatware. These all work well in the entire plan of things and need not be pricey either. As long as you set about it in an organized style, you will not even require to reduce quality or amount.

    You can likewise position a mirror in the kitchen. An excellent location is opposite the window; it will not just make space bigger however it will show the light and lighten up space.

    Put little indoor plants on little pots in your kitchen. Plants provide a fresh sensation to the interior decoration of the kitchen.

    Constantly ensure that there is appropriate lighting on the kitchen. Insufficient lighting makes the kitchen feel confined and bleak. Aside from the basic lighting component at the center of the space. Put job lights under the kitchen hanging cabinets.

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