Modern Bathroom Remodeling

What is important to you with your Modern Bathroom Remodeling ?



Contemporary, clean lines, from top designers



Easy storage, Integrated sinks, floating  vanities



Long life for hinges, rails, coating



A large list of options for  color, finish, material



Easy Cleaning

What if

You didn’t have to choose between them, but rather got them All.

And in addition –

Had a unique look, one-of-a-kind Bathroom, that sets yours apart from anything else out there?


May we suggest one of the best places to do so…


At a Tredi Interiors Showroom


However -

There are a few things We couldn't Demonstrate here


The smooth

finish of cooking surfaces


The pleasant chill

of stainless steel cabinet doors


The whisper quiet

opening and closing of drawers


The perfect grip

of handles


The variety

of colors and materials 

For that reason we’d like to invite you to

Different Experience with Tredi Interiors for your Bathroom Remodeling!


In your visit to our showroom you will:


  • See the latest designs of Italian Modern Bathrooms, the top quality of the cabinets, and the huge selection of colors and finishes


  • Hear the whisper-quiet drawers and doors opening and closing


  • Touch the smooth surfaces and feel the strong grip of handles

If you are already working with an architect or an interior designer for your remodeling, bring them along!

Tredi Interiors is specialized in modern design bathroom remodeling ,

Our work is synonymous with quality, dynamic outlook, research, flexibility and maximised results.

Innovative design with innovative bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories with IDEA GROUP

Our constant aim is to meet customers’ needs by providing a wide range of bathroom furniture that is highly competitive in terms of design, quality and price for your best Bathroom Remodeling Ever


Schedule Your Visit Today Because

we are sure of two things

One-of-a-Kind Experience

You have probably never seen such a modern kitchen in a 360-action before.

This will be an experience you will take with you during the days and weeks to come.

Indispensable Knowledge

We know that Tredi kitchens are not for everyone.

But even if you don't end up getting a Tredi kitchen, after your visit you will be armed with the knowledge and questions to ask any kitchen manufacturer you visit in the future.

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