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The Process of a Kitchen Remodeling

Space Measurement / Blueprint

A designer will come to your place to do a professional measurement of your space, or we work closely with designers and architects on blueprints

Kitchen Design

As soon as we have your measurements, the design work will start

Our job is to translate your ideas and sources of inspiration into a cohesive and functional kitchen using your wants, needs, and budget. An initial design will take 1-3 days; a final design will depend on you, but can typically be completed in 1-4 weeks

Completation of the Plans

As the proverb goes, “measure twice, cut once.” we double check the plans of your kitchen to finalize your design. Then, formalize your plans

An example of a modern kitchen remodel we can perform in Palm Springs, CA

Kitchen Order

Once we have refined your initial floor plan and created room renderings to visualize the space in the door style and color it is the time to place your order for cabinets.


Allow 12-14 weeks for the cabinets to be built and shipped to your requirements. When your cabinets arrive, we plan 4-8 hours to inspect all cartons and ensure their good condition.

Installation 3-7 days

With the new kitchen roughed into place, it is time to begin cabinet installation by our specialized team. It’s essential that cabinets be mounted level, plumb, and square in relation to floor and walls. Any unevenness in cabinets must be shimmed and adjusted to function properly.

Measure, fabrication and counter top installation 1-2 weeks

Countertops cannot be measured, fabricated, and installed until base and pantry cabinets have been put into place. We Pre-schedule the measure to avoid losing time. The measurement and installation will only take a day for each

At Tredi Interiors we make  your Kitchen Remodeling Easy!

For that reason we'd like to invite you to

A Different Experience for your Modern Kitchen Remodeling Palm Springs, CA with  Tredi Interiors!

Tredi Interiors

In your visit to our showroom you will:

  • See the latest designs of Italian Modern Kitchen, the top quality of the cabinets, and the huge selection of colors and finishes
  • Hear the whisper-quiet drawers and doors opening and closing
  • Touch the smooth surfaces and feel the strong grip of handles



    If you are already working with an architect or an interior designer, bring them along!

    Schedule Your Visit Today Because

    we are sure of two things

    One-of-a-Kind Experience

    You have probably never seen such a modern kitchen in a 360-action before.

    This will be an experience you will take with you during the days and weeks to come.

    Indispensable Knowledge

    We know that Tredi kitchens are not for everyone.

    But even if you don't end up getting a Tredi kitchen, after your visit you will be armed with the knowledge and questions to ask any kitchen manufacturer you visit in the future.

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