Lake Tahoe – New Construction – Arrital Italian Modern Kitchen


Tredi Interiors

had the pleasure of working on a new construction project in Lake Tahoe, California for a stunning house designed by MDesign Architects. The project involved designing a beautiful Arrital kitchen in ceramic and walnut, as well as bathroom vanities by Idea Groups. Tredi Interiors was excited to take on this project and bring their expertise and creativity to create the perfect space for the homeowners.

The kitchen

was designed to be a functional and visually stunning space that would be the heart of the home. . The appliances were provided by :Miele y to make the kitchen both functional and stylish. The centerpiece of the kitchen was the beautiful Arrital kitchen in ceramic and walnut. The sleek and modern design of the kitchen perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the house.

The bathroom vanities

were designed to be elegant and functional, with plenty of storage space and luxurious finishes. Tredi Interiors chose vanities by Idea Groups, a renowned Italian manufacturer of high-end bathroom furniture. The team selected beautiful finishes and materials to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathrooms. The vanities were customized to fit the unique needs of the homeowners, ensuring that they would be both beautiful and practical.

The end result

was a beautiful and functional space that perfectly suited the needs and style preferences of the homeowners. The Arrital kitchen in ceramic and walnut was the perfect centerpiece of the home, while the Idea Groups bathroom vanities added an element of luxury and elegance to the space. Tredi Interiors was thrilled to work on this project and create a space that the homeowners could enjoy for years to come.

If you’re looking for a talented and creative interior design firm to help you bring your vision to life,

look no further than Tredi Interiors. Their team of experts has the experience and expertise to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and style preferences. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, Tredi Interiors can help you create the space of your dreams.

Arrital kitchen - Project in Lake Tahoe
Arrital kitchen - Project in Lake Tahoe
Arrital kitchen - Project in Lake Tahoe
Arrital kitchen - Project in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe - Italian Kitchen Cabinets ARRITAL
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