Redwood – European Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

Tredi Interiors recently took on an impressive modern kitchen remodeling project in Redwood, California. This initiative involved designing a modern Arrital kitchen and bar, as well as elegant bathroom vanities from Ideagroup. The committed Tredi Interiors team aimed to create a space that balanced practicality with visual appeal. The Arrital kitchen and bar featured a sleek, modern design, enhanced by high-end Gaggenau appliances and custom cabinetry.


Tredi Interiors recently wrapped up an exquisite modern kitchen remodel in the serene surroundings of Redwood, California. This undertaking was an exhilarating challenge for our team, as we strived to blend functionality with visual appeal seamlessly. Our goal was to create a kitchen that would not only delight any culinary enthusiast but also serve as the core gathering spot in the home—a place for entertaining, relaxing, and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

For this project, we joined forces with the renowned brands Arrital and Ideagroup, bringing the homeowners’ vision to life. This collaboration resulted in a chic and contemporary kitchen, along with opulent bathroom vanities that enhanced the overall sophistication of the home.

The kitchen and bar area, adorned with Arrital’s elegant designs, became the focal point of this Redwood home. Arrital’s clean, modern lines met the homeowners’ desire for understated elegance perfectly. We integrated state-of-the-art Gaggenau appliances, known for their exceptional quality and innovative functionality, adding an extra touch of luxury and efficiency to the kitchen. Custom cabinetry was designed to offer plentiful storage while maintaining a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Ideagroup’s bathroom vanities introduced a touch of luxury to the project, with their fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials presenting stylish finishes. These vanities realized the homeowners’ wish for a lavish yet functional bathroom, in harmony with the house’s contemporary motif, marrying practicality with design flawlessly.

The result of our collaborative work was a breathtaking, functional space that adhered to modern design tenets. This Redwood Modern Kitchen stands as a testament to the homeowners’ refined taste and our commitment to delivering superior interior solutions, providing a sanctuary for culinary exploration and social gatherings.

Tredi Interiors takes pride in contributing to this Redwood Modern Kitchen project, creating a space that not only fulfills the homeowners’ functional needs but also reflects their personal aesthetic. Through such projects, we continue to redefine interior design, transforming living spaces into beloved homes.

For those aspiring to revamp their space, be it a kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, Tredi Interiors is eager to embark on this journey with you. Contact us, and let’s bring your vision to fruition.

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