Living Room RIFLESSI

Italian Living Room Furniture, All custom made in Italy for you

Sideboards & Cabinets

The formal rigor of the geometries is softened by light and precious decorative interventions on the doors. It is a touch of elegance that, declined in different versions, makes each piece unique and personal.

The living you’ve always wanted

The sideboards are born as design furniture with a large space. They are containers with depths ranging from 39 to 50 cm and inside can be divided into glass or wood shelves or contain drawers. The sideboards lend themselves to multiple uses, in the living room or in the bedroom. Their elegance enriches the environment in a predominant way.

The decoration also passes through the color, which bursts with all its impetus into the house designed by Riflessi. The madie Segno S2 and Essenzia S3 are dressed in all the colors of the RAL scale.

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