Absolute Italian Kitchen Design

Tredi Interiors is Veneta Cucine official Dealer 


Lounge interprets the concept of maximum serviceability by revisiting the meaning of quality and daily living, to turn the kitchen into a place that is more accommodating, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and thus become the premier area for pleasure, relaxation, cheerfulness and good living.

The increased storage capacity results from the use of a compact skirting board with height of 8 cm, which enables extra volume in the base cabinet to be recovered and effectively utilised.

Oyster Pro

Oyster Pro is as an innovative evolution of Oyster and Oyster Decorativo, and comprises models with clean, essential lines that are designed to make our day-to-life simpler with enhanced functional features, while at the same time with eye-catching forms that reflect your refined tastes.

The ShellSystem aperture/closure mechanism is made even more practical by the use of an ergonomically-shaped profile which provides a safe, solid grip.

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